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Whiskers 'n Paws Unique Pet Gifts, LLC

Whiskers 'n Paws - Mouse Face Naturaul Handmade Rabbit Fur Cat Toy

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These toys come in natural grey and brown colors and all hand made. This toy uses rabbit fur for body, one piece of soft deer hide for face and tail,  a non-toxic glue and tie toy with hemp cord to make the toy sturdy for ruff play. 

Furry body is 2" to 2.5" wide/long. 

All toys are from sources that treat rabbits humanely.  They are farm raised and all parts of rabbit are used, meat and hides so nothing is wasted. No formamide is used in the tanning process. The rooster feathers are from poultry processing plants in CA and IN, and are hand washed by family-owned businesses with no chemicals used in cleaning of feathers. The leather is goat leather that is tanned with a vegan process, so no chemicals are used on hides.

Made in the USA: South St. PaulMinnesota