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Therapy Clean

Therapy Clean - Window & Glass Cleaner 24oz

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Looking to achieve spotless, streak-free windows and glass surfaces? Look no further than Therapy Clean's Window & Glass Cleaner! This 16 oz. bottle is packed with the power of plant-based cleaning agents and natural vinegar to reveal an incredible shine that will leave you amazed.

With Therapy Clean's Window & Glass Cleaner, cleaning becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to stubborn grime as this hard-working formula effortlessly cuts through dirt and smudges. Simply spray, wipe, and enjoy crystal-clear surfaces without any hassle.

Here are two key features/benefits that make Therapy Clean's Window & Glass Cleaner a must-have:

  • Streak-Free Shine: No more frustrating streaks on your windows and glass! This powerful cleaner ensures a streak-free finish, giving your surfaces a flawless, crystal-clear appearance.
  • Plant-Based Formula: Feel good about your cleaning routine with our plant-based cleaning agents. Therapy Clean's Window & Glass Cleaner is made with natural vinegar and does not contain ammonia, alcohol, phosphates, or petroleum solvents.

Our commitment goes beyond just providing effective cleaning solutions. We are proud to be a certified cruelty-free brand that does not engage in any animal testing. Plus, our pH-neutral formula is gentle on surfaces and will not cause any harmful damage.

Therapy Clean's Window & Glass Cleaner is proudly made in the USA in Somersworth, New Hampshire. We take pride in delivering a high-quality product that is environmentally friendly. Our recyclable packaging ensures you can care for your home while caring for the planet.

Experience the joy of effortlessly clean windows and glass surfaces with Therapy Clean's Window & Glass Cleaner. Say goodbye to smudges, streaks, and harsh chemical odors. Upgrade your cleaning routine today!