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Therapy Clean

Therapy Clean - Tub & Tile Cleaner 16oz

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Introducing Therapy Clean - Tub & Tile Cleaner 16oz, your ultimate cleaning solution for bathroom surfaces. Say goodbye to soap scum and hard water stains with this powerful plant-based cleaner. Its fast-acting formula effortlessly busts through grime while leaving behind a sparkling clean finish that you can be proud of.

Cleaning your bathroom has never been easier. With Therapy Clean Tub & Tile Cleaner, all you need to do is shake the bottle well, spray it directly onto the surface, and wipe away the dirt to reveal a shiny, spotless result. It's that simple!

Not only does Therapy Clean deliver exceptional cleaning performance, but it also ensures your safety and the environment's well-being. This product is streak-free, plant-based, and certified cruelty-free. Its pH neutral formula guarantees that it won't damage your shower doors, tubs, tiles, toilet seats, sinks, and more.

Here are a few things to feel good about:

  • Streak-Free: Enjoy a clear, streak-free shine every time.
  • Plant Based: Made with natural, plant-derived cleaning agents.
  • Certified Cruelty-Free: Never tested on animals.
  • pH Neutral: Safe to use on a variety of surfaces without causing damage.
  • Recyclable Packaging: Our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Let go of the things you don't need in your cleaning products. Therapy Clean Tub & Tile Cleaner is free from ammonia, alcohol, phosphates, petroleum solvents, and synthetic fragrances. Plus, it's proudly made in the USA, specifically in Somersworth, New Hampshire.


  • Size: 16oz

Transform your bathroom cleaning routine with Therapy Clean - Tub & Tile Cleaner 16oz today. Order now and enjoy a fresh, clean space without compromising your values!