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Therapy Clean

Therapy Clean - Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish 16oz

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Discover the cleaning power of Therapy Clean Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish! With its plant-based cleaning agents, this 16oz bottle brings a whole new level of shine and cleanliness to your stone surfaces.

This powerful formula effortlessly cuts through grease and grime, leaving your countertops, marble, quartz, and other sealed stone surfaces sparkling and streak-free. No more dull or lackluster surfaces!

Using Therapy Clean is a breeze. Just shake the bottle well, then spray directly onto the surface. Wipe and buff to reveal its incredible shine. It's that easy!

What makes Therapy Clean truly exceptional are its key features:

  • Streak-Free formula: Say goodbye to streaks and hello to pristine surfaces!
  • Plant-Based Ingredients: Feel good about using a cleaner that is safe for both your family and the environment.

At Therapy Clean, we care about more than just your stone surfaces. That's why our formula is pH neutral, certified cruelty-free, and free from ammonia, alcohol, phosphates, petroleum solvents, and synthetic fragrances. Animals are never tested on when making this incredible product.

Therapy Clean Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish is proudly made in the USA in Somersworth, New Hampshire. We take pride in crafting a product that not only delivers exceptional results but also supports local communities.


  • Safe for use on: Granite, marble, quartz, onyx, travertine, slate, and other sealed countertops.
  • Do not use on floors.
  • Ingredients: Filtered water, decyl glucoside (cleaning agent), cocamidopropyl betaine (cleaning agent), dimethicone (polishing agent), sodium carbonate (pH adjuster), lemon essential oil blend (scent), methylisothiazolinone (preservative)

Elevate your cleaning routine with Therapy Clean Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish. Achieve streak-free shine with ease, while knowing you are using a product that is safe, effective, and environmentally friendly. Order your bottle today and see the difference it makes!