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The TeaBook

The TeaBook - MonuMINTal Sampler Bundle

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20pk Shipped in a TeaCube. 100pk Shipped loose, no extra packaging. Mint Tea VarieTEA Sampler Pack Featuring The Following Teas: Albert EinsTEAn -RelativiTEA - Moroccan Mint Tea AraMINTa Ross/Harriet Tubman - Spearmint Orange Spice (Not Vegan) (Caffeine Free) ImPeachMint Tea - Rooibos Peach and Mint Tea (Caffeine Free) ShakeSpearMINT Tea - Spearmint Tea (Caffeine Free) Paul Revere: DenTEAstry - Minty Fresh Tea (Caffeine Free) The Perfect Gift For any Mint Tea Lover. Organic & KSA Kosher, Gluten Free, Non-GMO. Sampler mix see individual teas for ingredients.