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The TeaBook

The TeaBook - MonuMINTal Sampler Bundle

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Introducing The TeaBook - MonuMINTal Sampler Bundle, the ultimate treat for all mint tea lovers out there! This bundle features a collection of refreshing mint tea varieties that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. With its unique packaging options and mouthwatering blends, this bundle is perfect for your own indulgence or as a thoughtful gift for a special someone.

One of the standout features of this bundle is the TeaCube packaging, which includes 20 individually packaged tea packs. Each pack is delicately crafted to preserve the freshness and aroma of the mint tea. For those who prefer a more eco-friendly option, the 100pk offers loose tea without any extra packaging, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

When it comes to tea selection, the MonuMINTal Sampler Bundle offers a diverse range of delightful flavors. From the subtle and exotic Moroccan Mint Tea to the zesty and invigorating Spearmint Orange Spice blend, there's something for everyone. The bundle also includes the unique ImPeachMint Tea, a delightful fusion of Rooibos Peach and Mint, perfect for those looking for a caffeine-free option. And let's not forget the classic ShakeSpearMINT Tea and Paul Revere: DenTEAstry, both offering a minty freshness that will revitalize your senses.

With the TeaBook - MonuMINTal Sampler Bundle, you can enjoy the perfect cup of tea knowing that it is made from organic and KSA Kosher certified ingredients. This gluten-free and non-GMO bundle ensures that you can savor the flavors without worrying about any harmful additives. Each tea pack in the sampler mix comes with a list of ingredients, providing transparency and offering peace of mind.

  • Experience a wide variety of refreshing mint tea flavors
  • Packaged in TeaCube for convenience and freshness or choose the eco-friendly loose tea option

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your tea-drinking experience with The TeaBook - MonuMINTal Sampler Bundle. Order now and embark on a minty adventure that will leave you craving for more!