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The TeaBook

The TeaBook - LaTEAnX/TÉspanic

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Introducing the TeaBook - LaTEAnX/TÉspanic collection, a world of rich cultures, hisTEAry, and flavors just waiting to be explored. We've crafted a unique experience that captures the essence of the LaTEAnX/TÉspanic community and its vibrant spices. With our LaTEAnX/TÉspanic VarieTEA Sampler, you can embark on a tantalizing journey filled with honey, chocolate, and chili-infused delights.

Experience the bold flavors and rich stories that these teas have to offer. Each sip takes you deeper into the heart of LaTEAnX/TÉspanic traditions. And not only are they delicious, but they are also thoughtful in their creation. All teas in the sampler are KSA Kosher, Organic, Gluten-Free, and Vegetarian or Vegan.

Here are some key features and benefits of our LaTEAnX/TÉspanic VarieTEA Sampler:

  • Unique Flavors: Indulge in the complex tastes of our Salvador DalTÉ, FriTÉ Khalo, and TÉigo Rivera teas. From the bold combination of black tea, cacao shells, peppermint, and natural flavor in the Salvador DalTÉ blend to the refreshing blend of hibiscus, rosehips, orange peel, natural flavor, and stevia in the caffeine-free FriTÉ Khalo, there's a flavor adventure for everyone.
  • Thoughtful Ingredients: We've carefully selected high-quality ingredients for our teas, including cinnamon, honey, black tea, cloves, chili, and more. Each ingredient adds its own unique touch, creating a symphony of flavors that will captivate your taste buds.

Elevate your tea-drinking experience and celebrate the rich diversity of LaTEAnX/TÉspanic culture with our VarieTEA Sampler. It's time to discover a world of flavors, one sip at a time. Order yours today and let the tea tell you a tale that's as old as time.