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Studio Oh!

Studio Oh! - Puppy Pile Single-Use Soap Sheets

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Introducing Studio Oh! - Puppy Pile Single-Use Soap Sheets, the must-have product for germ-free hands on the go! These portable soap sheet packs are designed to provide a safe and convenient way to keep your hands clean, no matter where you are.

Containing 100 paper-thin soap sheets per package, this travel-friendly essential lets you stay fresh and clean wherever your adventure takes you. Each soap sheet is infused with a gentle yet effective cleansing formula, ensuring that you can easily wash away dirt and germs.

Whether you're traveling, camping, attending sporting events, shopping, or dining out, these soap sheets have got you covered. With their compact size of 2.125"w x 3.25"h x .35"d (5.3 cm x 8.2 cm x .88 cm), they easily fit into your purse, backpack, briefcase, or even your diaper bag!

Here are two key benefits of the Studio Oh! - Puppy Pile Single-Use Soap Sheets:

  • Convenient and Mess-Free: These soap sheets provide a quick and easy way to wash your hands without the hassle of carrying around bulky liquid soap containers. Simply take out a soap sheet, wet your hands and the sheet, lather, and rinse!
  • Dissolves Instantly: With just a touch of water, these soap sheets dissolve instantly, producing a luxurious and creamy lather. Experience a refreshing and thorough cleanse that leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturized.

Not only are these soap sheets practical and effective, but they also showcase adorable original artwork. Each sheet features a charming puppy pile design, adding a touch of whimsy to your hand hygiene routine.

Upgrade your hand hygiene game and stay germ-free on the go with Studio Oh! - Puppy Pile Single-Use Soap Sheets. Get your pack today and enjoy the convenience and cleanliness every time you reach for a soap sheet!