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Soy Into You®

Soy Into You® - Forest: Wood Wick

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If you're a nature lover, then you're going to be Soy Into You® - Forest: Wood. This 100% soy candle will transport you to the tranquility of a forest after a spring rain.

With top notes of earth and moss, middle notes of patchouli and rosemary, and base notes of sage and redwood, the Forest scent captures the essence of a peaceful hike through the Forest Park trail in Portland, OR. Close your eyes and let the aroma of wet earth, damp dirt, and fresh wood envelop your senses.

Not only does this scent create a calming ambiance, but it also has a burn time of over 50 hours, promising long-lasting enjoyment. The lead-free cotton wick or eco-friendly wood wick ensures a clean burn, free from harmful toxins. Each candle comes with a match and a match striker conveniently located at the bottom of the jar, so you can easily set the mood whenever you desire.

Whether it's your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, Forest is the perfect addition to any space. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for yourself or impress your guests with its captivating scent.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • 100% soy candle for a clean burn
  • Long burn time of 50+ hours for endless enjoyment

Indulge in the sensory experience that is Soy Into You® - Forest: Wood. Bring the beauty of the forest into your home and let nature's tranquility embrace you.