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Proper Good

Proper Good - Southwest Chili

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Truly filling and delicious Southwest Chili packed with meatless crumbles, three types of beans, poblanos, and corn for a smoky-sweet layered chili. The aroma alone will transport to that homemade simmered chili, but this one's ready to eat in 90-seconds :-) With warm spices from Ancho Chili, Poblano, and Smoked Paprika, this is a low to medium spice level.

* 19g Plant-Based Pea Protein. * Tasty Meatless Crumbles in every bite. * Zero Added Sugar * Vegan Friendly * Gluten-Free * Dairy-Free * With Smoked Paprika, Ancho Chili & Poblano Peppers for a low to medium spice level. Ready in 90-seconds with no need to refrigerate, so stock up your pantry or take in your bag for easy at work lunches or while traveling.

Made in Austin, TX