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Urban Slicer Pizza Worx

Urban Pizza Worx - Outdoor Grilling Pizza Dough

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Fire up your grill and get ready to take your pizza game to the next level with Urban Pizza Worx - Outdoor Grilling Pizza Dough. Designed specifically for outdoor grilling, this dough is made to be cooked directly on the grates, resulting in a unique and delicious pizza experience. Each package contains enough dough to make two 14" crusts, so you'll have plenty to share or enjoy on your own.

One of the key features of Urban Pizza Worx - Outdoor Grilling Pizza Dough is its low gluten blend. This blend not only lends itself well to creating thin and crispy pizzas, but it also opens up a world of culinary possibilities. Beyond pizzas, you can use this dough to make calzones, pizza rolls, flour tortillas, and so much more. It's a versatile option that will inspire your creativity in the kitchen.

But what makes Urban Pizza Worx - Outdoor Grilling Pizza Dough truly exceptional is its ability to enhance any outdoor cooking experience. Whether you're using a wood-fired oven, a pizza oven, or your trusty home grill, this dough will elevate your meals to new heights. It's perfect for backyard gatherings, pool parties, or even just a cozy night at home with your loved ones.

Plus, when you choose Urban Pizza Worx - Outdoor Grilling Pizza Dough, you're not only investing in exceptional flavor, but you're also getting a product that is perfectly suited for various cooking tools and accessories. From pellet grills to pizza stones, pizza steels to Ooni, Traeger to Halo, Alfa to Green Mountain Grills - this dough is compatible with them all.

  • Perfect for grilling, wood-fired oven, and pizza ovens
  • Versatile dough for various culinary creations

With Urban Pizza Worx - Outdoor Grilling Pizza Dough, you'll be able to wow your friends and family with delicious and unique homemade pizzas every time. It's the perfect addition to your outdoor cooking repertoire, and a must-have for any pizza lover.