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Napa Soap Company

Napa Soap Company - Mimosa Bath Bomb

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Upgrade your bathing experience with our incredible Mimosa Bath Bomb from Napa Soap Company. Infused with a captivating blend of sweet orange essential oil, orange peel, and delicate rose petals, this luxurious bath bomb will transport you to a world of pure relaxation and indulgence.

Each Mimosa Bath Bomb is carefully crafted in St. Helena, CA, keeping true to our commitment to supporting local businesses and promoting sustainable practices. Made with love and care, the attention to detail shines through in every aspect of this exceptional product.

  • Elevate your bath time: Immerse yourself in the sparkling freshness of sweet orange essential oil, revitalizing your senses and leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: The carefully sprinkled orange peel and rose petals create a visually stunning experience that will make your bath time even more enjoyable.

Our Mimosa Bath Bomb is the perfect addition to your self-care routine. As it dissolves in the water, it releases a delicate aroma that will instantly uplift your mood. Let the nourishing ingredients pamper your skin, leaving it feeling soft, silky, and moisturized.

This bath bomb is designed for those seeking a moment of tranquility and indulgence amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Allow the stresses of the day to melt away as you relax in a fragrant, fizzing oasis.

Add the Napa Soap Company Mimosa Bath Bomb to your cart today and transform your ordinary bath time into an extraordinary spa-like experience. Indulge yourself or surprise a loved one with a luxurious gift that promises relaxation and serenity.