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Marley's Monsters

Marley's Monsters - Washable Sponge

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Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to disposable sponges? Look no further than Marley's Monsters Washable Sponge! Our washable sponges are designed to make your daily household chores a breeze, while also reducing waste in the environment.

Made with high-quality materials and a touch of whimsy, our washable sponges feature bold and graphic prints that will add a fun touch to your cleaning routine. With a convenient size of approximately 4" x 5.5", they fit perfectly in your hand, making it easy to tackle any mess.

Each washable sponge is crafted with care using 100% cotton terry cloth on one side and 100% cotton flannel with a polyester mesh layer on the other side. This unique design offers multiple scrubbing options, ensuring you can effectively clean various surfaces in your home.

What sets our washable sponge apart is the filling. Filled with mildew resistant, washable, hypoallergenic foam made from recycled materials, it not only provides excellent durability and usability but also reflects our commitment to sustainability.

With Marley's Monsters washable sponge, you can say goodbye to disposable sponges that clog up landfills. Our washable sponge is machine washable, which means you can simply toss it in the washing machine or dishwasher after use, and it will be good as new for your next cleaning session.

  • Reduce waste: By using our washable sponge, you can significantly reduce your environmental impact by avoiding disposable sponges that end up in landfills.
  • Quality and versatility: With its premium materials and thoughtful design, our washable sponge offers excellent scrubbing power for a range of surfaces, ensuring a thorough clean every time.

Experience the convenience and eco-friendliness of Marley's Monsters Washable Sponge. Choose your favorite backing color from the drop-down menu, and join the sustainable cleaning revolution today!

Handmade by Marley's Monsters in Eugene, Oregon.