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Marley's Monsters

Marley's Monsters - Scrap Felt Scrubber Set

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A Marley's Monsters Scrap Felt Dish Cloth joins 2 Scrap Felt Scrubbers to complete this set, creating a truly zero waste dishwashing kit. Multiple layers of cotton flannel strips are felted together to create a new, absorbent fabric called Scrap Felt. This new fabric is then cut and sewn into Dish Cloths, and backed with upcycled burlap to make the Scrubbers.

About the Dish Cloth: Each Scrap Felt Dish Cloth is unique, totally upcycled, and super versatile. The multi-purpose Dish Cloth is ultra absorbent and works great for cleaning and polishing and can be washed and dried in home laundry machines. Absorb spills, polish silver or use as a hot pad/trivet!

Dish Cloth measures approximately 7" x 8" Multiple layers of felted 100% cotton flannel Edges are sewn for durability CARE+ WASHING: Machine wash warm with like colors. Tumble dry. About the Scrubbers: 2 - pack Scrap Felt is backed with rugged burlap from upcycled coffee bags to create a handy, zero waste scrubber.