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Marley's Monsters

Marley's Monsters - Organic Soap Saver Bags - 4ct

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Indispensable organic cotton Soap Saver bag is now available with color coded strings with tags to help identify your bars.

The set includes 4 styles (Face, Body, Shampoo and Conditioner) to fully upgrade a zero waste shower experience.

Soap Saver Bag - is made from Organic Cotton Mesh with a Cotton drawstring cord. It's the perfect size for most bars of soap and will extend their life with proper use. The mesh fabric is lightly exfoliating and maximizes the suds and aromatherapy of your bar soap. To use: Slip soap inside Saver bag, rub to engage lather and wash away! Hang to dry between washes.

Measures 4" x 4.5" Made from organic cotton mesh with a colored cotton cord with an identifying color coordinated tag Soap not included.

Made in the USA: Eugene, Oregon