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Marley's Monsters

Marley's Monsters - Facial Rounds - Surprise Prints - 10ct Pack

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Introducing Marley's Monsters - Facial Rounds: Surprise Prints 10 Pack! These facial rounds are a must-have addition to your skincare routine. Made from 100% cotton flannel, each 2-ply round is designed to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Say goodbye to disposable cotton balls and hello to a more sustainable option.

With a diameter of approximately 3 inches, Marley's Monsters - Facial Rounds are the perfect size for effortless makeup removal, applying toner, or applying your favorite skincare products. The edges of each round are sewn for durability, ensuring they won't fray and can withstand repeated use.

One of the key benefits of these facial rounds is their reusability. You can easily machine wash them warm with like colors and dry them in the dryer. We recommend using a Mesh Laundry Bag to keep them together during washing. While they may shrink slightly after washing, don't worry - we've made sure they'll still fit perfectly in your hand.

Made in the USA with love, each pack of Marley's Monsters - Facial Rounds: Surprise Prints 10 Pack is carefully crafted in Eugene, Oregon. We take pride in supporting local artisans and providing you with high-quality, eco-friendly products.

  • Replace single-use cotton balls and pads
  • Reusable and sustainable option

Upgrade your skincare routine with Marley's Monsters - Facial Rounds: Surprise Prints 10 Pack. Experience the convenience, effectiveness, and eco-friendliness of these reusable facial rounds. Order yours today!