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Ink and Fiber Designs

Ink and Fiber Designs - Partridge in a Pear Tree

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Introducing the Ink and Fiber Designs - Partridge in a Pear Tree! This fabulous product is perfect for all your cleaning needs. Say goodbye to flimsy paper towels and hello to our highly absorbent Swedish dishcloths.

With a remarkable ability to soak up 15 times their weight, these dishcloths are the ultimate cleaning companion. From spills to smudges, they effortlessly tackle any mess with ease.

Need to soften them up? Simply wet and wring them out. In no time, they are ready to work their magic and leave your dishes spotless. But it doesn't stop there. These versatile dishcloths can be used to wipe down your fridge, windows, countertops, and desk - the possibilities are endless!

  • Reusable and eco-friendly.
  • Can be washed up to 200 times.

When it comes to cleaning up, there's no need to stress. Toss these dishcloths in the dishwasher or washing machine, and they'll come out looking as good as new. Air dry them to avoid any shrinkage. No more dealing with stinky sponges anymore!

Proudly made in the USA, these dishcloths are crafted with care in Arroyo Grande, CA. Rest assured, you're supporting local artists and businesses with every purchase.

Get your hands on the Ink and Fiber Designs - Partridge in a Pear Tree dishcloths today and experience the joy of effortless and eco-friendly cleaning!