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Ink and Fiber Designs

Ink and Fiber Designs - Coffee Black Swedish Dishcloth

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Introducing the Coffee Black Swedish Dishcloth from Ink and Fiber Designs - the perfect addition to your kitchen cleaning routine! Measuring 7x7.5 inches, this dishcloth is the ideal size for tackling spills and messes in a breeze.

Made from a unique blend of 70% cellulose and 30% cotton, this dishcloth is not your ordinary kitchen tool. Its super absorbent properties allow it to soak up 15 times its weight, making it perfect for even the toughest spills and stains.

But the Coffee Black Swedish Dishcloth isn't just limited to cleaning up spills. Its versatility knows no bounds. Simply wet and wring it to soften, and you're ready to clean dishes, wipe down the fridge, windows, countertops, and even your desk! Say goodbye to paper towels as this dishcloth is the ultimate replacement.

  • Super absorbent properties
  • Versatile and multipurpose

Cleaning up is a breeze with this dishcloth. Simply toss it in the dishwasher or washing machine, and it's good to go for up to 200 uses. Plus, no more worries about smelly sponges! Air dry it to avoid shrinkage and enjoy a clean and odor-free kitchen.

Not only is the Coffee Black Swedish Dishcloth highly efficient, but it's also eco-friendly. Sourced from the earth and compostable, you can feel good about using this product. And we've taken our commitment to the environment a step further - this item ships packaging free, reducing waste even more!

Upgrade your kitchen cleaning game with the Coffee Black Swedish Dishcloth from Ink and Fiber Designs. Say goodbye to wasteful paper towels and hello to an eco-friendly, versatile, and highly absorbent cleaning solution. Order yours today and experience the difference!