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Ink and Fiber Designs

Ink and Fiber Designs - Swedish Sponge Cloth - "Blackberries"

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Introducing the Blackberry Swedish Dishcloth by Ink and Fiber Designs! This versatile dishcloth is a must-have in any kitchen, offering incredible absorbency and unbeatable convenience.

With the ability to soak up 15 times its weight, this dishcloth is perfect for tackling spills of all sizes. Whether it's a small mess or a big accident, this cloth has you covered.

Not only is it great for cleaning up spills, but it has a multitude of other uses too. Simply wet and wring to soften the cloth, and you can clean dishes, wipe down the fridge, windows, countertops, and desk - it's the ultimate paper towel replacement! Say goodbye to wasteful single-use items and hello to eco-friendly cleaning.

  • This dishcloth is easy to clean - simply toss it in the dishwasher or washing machine up to 200 times. It's that simple! And with its quick air drying, you won't have to worry about any shrinking.
  • This dishcloth is sourced from the earth and kindly sent back to the earth via compost. It's a sustainable choice that will leave you feeling good about your impact on the environment.

Measuring at 7x7.5 inches, this dishcloth is the perfect size for any cleaning job. It provides ample coverage while still being compact enough to store away without taking up too much space.

Made with care in Arroyo Grande, CA, this dishcloth is proudly made in the USA. Each one is crafted with attention to detail and quality, ensuring that you receive a product that will last.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Ink and Fiber Designs Blackberry Swedish Dishcloth - the eco-friendly, versatile, and durable solution for all your cleaning needs.