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Infinity Sauces

Infinity Sauces - Infinity Sauces - Tri-Haba-Saurus Rex

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Introducing the Infinity Sauces Tri-Haba-Saurus Rex, the award-winning hot sauce that is guaranteed to bring the heat and flavor to your meals! Winner of the prestigious SCOVIE Award in 2021, this sauce is not to be taken lightly.

With its big, rich, full-bodied flavor, the Tri-Haba-Saurus Rex is a must-have for all spice enthusiasts. Each bottle is packed with approximately 4 habanero peppers, blended perfectly with peaches, molasses, mustard, and a secret mix of spices. The result? A sauce that hits all the right notes, balancing the heat of the habaneros with a touch of sweetness and tanginess.

But that's not all - with every bottle of Tri-Haba-Saurus Rex, you'll also receive a little plastic dinosaur as a fun and quirky bonus. Collect them all and create your very own dino family!

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Intense Heat: The Tri-Haba-Saurus Rex brings the heat with its blend of habanero peppers, making it perfect for those who crave the spicier side of life.
  • Flavorful Combination: The addition of peaches, molasses, mustard, and spices adds complex layers of flavor to the sauce, elevating any dish it touches.

Whether you're a hot sauce connoisseur or someone looking to spice up your favorite recipes, the Infinity Sauces Tri-Haba-Saurus Rex is a game-changer. Get yours now and experience the perfect balance of heat and flavor!