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HLM BBQ - "Back Rub" All Purpose Seasoning - 4oz

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Introducing HLM BBQ's "Back Rub" All Purpose Seasoning - the ultimate flavor enhancer for all your dishes. Made in the USA by a small batch, family-owned operation based in Benicia, CA, this 4oz jar of pure deliciousness is everything you need to take your cooking to the next level.

With a mouthwatering blend of ground black pepper, garlic, and brown sugar, this seasoning is perfectly balanced with a hint of mild chili pepper and zesty orange peel. The result? A versatile all purpose seasoning that will elevate the taste of any dish it graces.

Whether you're planning a long smoke session, a quick grilling session, or even cooking in the oven, HLM BBQ's "Back Rub" has got you covered. Use it to create pulled pork shoulder nachos that will have your guests begging for the recipe, or slather it on ribs for a finger-licking barbecue experience. Chicken tacos with fresh avocado? Add a sprinkle of "Back Rub" for that extra burst of flavor. And don't forget about old fashioned chopped brisket sandwiches and veggies that could use a tasty boost!

Key Features:

  • Perfect blend of black pepper, garlic, brown sugar, chili pepper, and orange peel
  • Works wonders on a variety of dishes - from pulled pork nachos to grilled chicken tacos

Picture this: a sizzling piece of juicy meat, perfectly seasoned with HLM BBQ's "Back Rub" All Purpose Seasoning. It's like a flavor explosion in every bite. Get yours now and experience the magic for yourself!