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HLM BBQ - "Back Rub" All Purpose Seasoning

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HLM BBQ BACK RUB blends together a snap of ground black pepper,garlic and brown sugar balanced with mild chili pepper and orange peel for a perfect all purpose seasoning. The perfect blend. Small batch, family owned and operated.

Back Rub is an all purpose seasoning and bbq rub. It's good for long smokes, quick grilled, pan fryed and oven baked foods. We love it on pulled pork shoulder nachos, ribs naked or slathered in sauce, chicken tacos with fresh avocado, and old fashioned chopped brisket sandwiches. Season your veggies before baking, add it to your eggs, or eat it out of the palm of your hand.

Size: 4oz

Made in the USA: Benicia, CA