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Heliotrope - “Neroli Bergamot” Shea & Cocoa Butter Hair & Beard Pomade

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Introducing our Heliotrope "Neroli Bergamot" Shea & Cocoa Butter Hair & Beard Pomade - the ultimate grooming essential for both men and women. This 2 oz jar of goodness is a game-changer when it comes to controlling and moisturizing your hair, while adding a touch of subtle shine that can’t be ignored.

What sets our pomade apart is its versatility. Not only does it work wonders on the hair atop your head, but it also tames and styles your beard and mustache, keeping them impeccably neat and trimmed. No more unruly facial hair getting in the way. The nourishing blend of shea and cocoa butter deeply hydrates your strands and facial hair, leaving them soft and manageable.

One of the best things about our pomade is its formulation. We believe in the power of nature, which is why we have carefully selected essential oils instead of artificial perfumes or colors. The calming and refreshing scent of neroli and bergamot will invigorate your senses, while the therapeutic properties of these oils help promote healthier hair growth.

How to use our Heliotrope pomade? It's super easy! Simply work a small amount of the pomade into your damp or dry hair to create your desired style. Whether it's a sleek and sophisticated look or a more casual, tousled style, this pomade will help you achieve it effortlessly.

  • Controls and moisturizes hair for a well-groomed appearance
  • Keeps beards and mustaches neat and trimmed

Step up your hair and beard game with our Heliotrope "Neroli Bergamot" Shea & Cocoa Butter Hair & Beard Pomade. Experience the natural benefits, long-lasting hold, and incredible shine this all-in-one grooming product delivers. Take charge of your style and let our pomade be your go-to choice for effortless, head-turning looks.