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Full Circle Home

Full Circle Home - Ziptuck Produce Keeper - Large Veggie Keeper

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Introducing the Full Circle Home Ziptuck Produce Keeper - Large Veggie Keeper, the ultimate solution to reducing food waste and keeping your produce fresh for longer. These reusable and BPA-free produce keepers are a game-changer in your kitchen. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags and hello to sustainable storage options.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Reusable and Food-Safe: Made from durable and food-safe materials, these BPA-free produce bags offer a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic.
  • Airtight and Leak-Proof Seal: The innovative "lock" seal design ensures an airtight and leak-proof seal, keeping your produce fresh and free from unnecessary waste.

Designed with functionality in mind, these Ziptuck Produce Keepers are transparent, allowing you to easily see the contents of your fridge and identify when your fruits and vegetables are at their peak freshness. The designated space for labeling the contents further adds convenience to your kitchen organization.

These flexible produce keepers are designed to take up less space, making them ideal for maximizing the storage capacity of your fridge. Just imagine all the extra room you'll have for more delicious and nutritious fruits and veggies!

With Full Circle Home, quality and safety are always a top priority. The Ziptuck Produce Keepers are free from harmful chemicals, including phthalates, BPA, BPS, BPF, PVC, and formamide. So you can feel confident and assured about the safety of your food storage.

When it comes to care, these produce keepers are incredibly easy to clean. Simply wash with soapy water, turn inside out for thorough drying, and you're ready to reuse them. Plus, they're safe to use in both the fridge and freezer, offering versatile storage options for all types of produce.

Upgrade your kitchen storage game and reduce food waste with the Full Circle Home Ziptuck Produce Keeper - Large Veggie Keeper. Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to sustainability today!