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Full Circle Home

Full Circle Home - Tater Mate Potato Scrubber

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Introducing the Full Circle Home Tater Mate Potato Scrubber, the ultimate companion for your potato-prepping adventures! Whether you love them mashed, fried, or baked, this handy tool will make removing those pesky potato eyes a breeze, so you can enjoy your spuds without any unwanted surprises staring back at you.

Made with care in the heart of New York, NY, this potato scrubber is designed to make your kitchen experience easier and more enjoyable. It features a sturdy bamboo handle and a durable recycled plastic point to tackle those stubborn eyes with ease. Simply place the plastic point in the center of the eye, give it a twist, and watch as the eyes disappear. No more fumbling with knives or struggling to remove them by hand - the Tater Mate takes care of the job effortlessly.

But that's not all - this potato scrubber offers more than just eye-removing power. Here are its key features:

  • Effortless Eye Removal: The Tater Mate's design allows for quick and easy removal of pesky potato eyes, helping you save time in the kitchen.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made with a bamboo handle and recycled plastic point, this scrubber is built to last and is an environmentally friendly choice.

With the Full Circle Home Tater Mate Potato Scrubber, you can say goodbye to staring eyes and hello to hassle-free potato preparation. So, why wait? Add this essential kitchen tool to your cart today and start enjoying perfectly prepped potatoes!