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FloraLuna Apothecary & Trading Co.

FloraLuna Apothecary & Trading Co. - Pistachio Cherry Cocktail and Botanical Soda Syrup

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Instant dessert classic. This wonderfully smooth simple syrup can best be described as mouth-watering and addictive. Nuanced with a touch of dark cherry, the syrup hits the palate softly and sweetly, building up to a salivating crescendo of the naturally sweet-meets-meaty pistachio flavor. The sweetness lingers, making you want more. Delicious in powerful dark liquors, it would also pair nicely with a holiday cocktail punch of vodka and citrus. Add it to whipped cream and serve it with cherry scones, or use it to mix up a radically different homemade vanilla ice cream.

16-32 servings per bottle. Refrigeration after opening is recommended. Size - 16oz.

Made in the USA: Petaluma, CA