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FloraLuna Apothecary & Trading Co.

FloraLuna Apothecary & Trading Co. - Citrus Basil Bitters

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Introducing the FloraLuna Apothecary & Trading Co. Citrus Basil Bitters - a mesmerizing fusion of zesty citrus and aromatic basil that will elevate your cocktails and culinary creations to new heights.

With a harmonious blend of tangerine, lemon, and lime, these bitters invigorate your taste buds with a burst of refreshing citrus goodness. The earthiness of basil adds a grounding element, tempering the bright flavors and infusing a delightful hint of honey-like sweetness.

Unleash your creativity and reimagine classic cocktails with a modern twist. Ditch the tired Gimlet and embrace the clarity of flavor that these bitters bring. No more muddled wateriness, just a perfectly balanced libation that will impress even the most discerning palates.

  • Made from organic and wild-harvested citrus peel, basil, herbs, spices, barks, and roots, these bitters are a testament to our commitment to using the finest, natural ingredients.
  • Each bottle contains 2oz of pure flavor, ensuring you have plenty to experiment with and create your own signature cocktails.

But don't just limit yourself to cocktails! These versatile bitters can elevate your culinary creations as well. Add a dropper-full to parmesan biscuits for a burst of savory goodness or drizzle over pound cake for a delightful honey glaze.

Rest assured, our Citrus Basil Bitters are proudly made in the USA, in the enchanting town of Petaluma, CA.

Are you ready to embark on a flavor journey like no other? Elevate your mixology skills and culinary creations with the FloraLuna Apothecary & Trading Co. Citrus Basil Bitters.