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FloraLuna Apothecary & Trading Co.

FloraLuna Apothecary & Trading Co. - Bacon Faux Bacco Bitters

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A crisp, fatty sweetness is hidden, but not without notice, beneath the layers of complexity at play here. Its bouquet is as far-ranging as aging leather in tack room to the medicinal notes of some homemade herbaceous balm. It has a lasting, full-bodied finish that ends up with flavorful smoke—campfire in a bottle. Add it to melted bittersweet chocolate and create a nouveau, adult s’mores heated over your backyard fire pit. It’s the perfect complement to bourbon drinks or, for the daring, root liquor.

Ingredients: Bacon fat washed alcohol & infused natural flavor from organic and wild harvested herbs, spices, barks & roots. Does not contain nicotine. 

Size: 2oz

Made in the USA: Petaluma, CA