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Fat and the Moon

Fat and the Moon - Tooth Polish

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Looking to achieve a dazzling smile? Look no further than Fat and the Moon's Tooth Polish. This innovative tooth care product is designed to give you that extra sparkle without resorting to harsh toothpaste or abrasive brushes.

One of the key ingredients in this tooth polish is activated charcoal powder. Known for its natural teeth whitening properties, activated charcoal gently lifts stains and impurities from your teeth, revealing a brighter smile. Combined with baking soda, kaolin clay, and myrrh powder, this tooth polish is a powerhouse of natural cleansing agents that will leave your teeth feeling fresh and clean.

But that's not all - our Tooth Polish is formulated with the belief that good oral care should never come at the cost of healthy gums. Unlike traditional toothpaste that can cause gum sensitivity, our gentle formula won't make your gums recoil in response.

  • Enjoy a brighter smile with the power of activated charcoal
  • Cleanses your teeth without causing gum sensitivity

Handcrafted in Grass Valley, California, this tooth polish is proudly made in the USA. With Fat and the Moon's Tooth Polish, you can feel good about supporting local artisans while taking care of your teeth.

So why settle for anything less than a radiant smile? Give your teeth the love and attention they deserve with Fat and the Moon's Tooth Polish. Experience the power of activated charcoal and achieve a natural, healthy, and sparkling smile.