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FaceTory - Spot AM + PM Pimple Patches Trial

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Introducing the FaceTory Spot AM + PM Pimple Patches Trial Pack, the ultimate solution to combat stubborn pimples and achieve clearer skin effortlessly. Say goodbye to acne and spots with these innovative hydrocolloid patches that are specifically designed to draw out impurities and accelerate the healing process.

With a total of 54 patches included, this trial pack is perfect for those seeking an effective solution for both daytime and nighttime wear. Inside, you'll find 30 AM patches, each measuring 10mm, ideal for use during the day, as well as 24 PM patches, measuring 14mm, specially crafted to address nighttime breakouts.

  • Combat Acne Anytime, Anywhere: These hydrocolloid patches are your secret weapon in the fight against pimples. Designed for easy application, simply apply the patch directly over your blemish and let it work its magic.
  • Accelerate Healing Process: The AM/PM Spot Fighters trial pack optimizes the process of healing. By sticking to your skin securely, the patches create a protective barrier that helps prevent further irritation and infection, allowing your pimple to heal faster.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of FaceTory's Spot AM + PM Pimple Patches Trial Pack. Don't let acne control your life – take control with these powerful patches that target breakouts head-on. Get ready to enjoy smoother, clearer skin every day.