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EO Products

EO Products - Lemon & Eucalyptus Hand Soap (12 oz)

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Experience pure bliss every time you cleanse your hands with EO Products Lemon & Eucalyptus Hand Soap. This refreshing hand soap is designed to awaken your senses with the invigorating scents of bright lemon and stimulating eucalyptus. Made with nourishing botanical extracts, it provides a gentle yet effective cleanse, leaving your skin feeling clean, soft, and rejuvenated.

What sets EO Products Hand Soap apart from the rest is its commitment to quality. This hand soap is proudly made in the USA, specifically in San Rafael, CA. Each bottle is carefully crafted with the finest ingredients to ensure exceptional performance and long-lasting fragrance.

  • Bright Lemon Scent: The uplifting aroma of lemon gives this hand soap a delightful freshness that invigorates your senses and leaves a lingering, pleasant scent on your hands.
  • Stimulating Eucalyptus: The invigorating scent of eucalyptus adds a touch of rejuvenation to your hand-washing routine, providing a stimulating experience for your senses.

Not only does EO Products Hand Soap deliver a sensory experience, but it also prioritizes the well-being of your skin. The nourishing botanical extracts in this hand soap gently cleanse and refresh, while maintaining the natural moisture balance of your hands. Bid farewell to dry or irritated skin, and say hello to soft, supple hands with every use.

With its sleek and eco-friendly packaging, EO Products Hand Soap is not only a treat for your hands but also for the environment. Its 12 oz size ensures a long-lasting supply, allowing you to indulge in the refreshing scent and benefits of this hand soap for an extended period of time.

Elevate your hand-washing routine with EO Products Lemon & Eucalyptus Hand Soap. Experience the invigorating power of nature, the luxury of premium ingredients, and the joy of clean, soft hands.