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Dharma Dog Karma Cat

Dharma Dog Karma Cat - Mouse Teaser Cat Toy

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Get your cat pouncing, chasing, and playing with the Dharma Dog Karma Cat Mouse Teaser Cat Toy! Made with love in Nepal, this wool toy is designed to keep your feline friend entertained for hours.

Our Mouse Teaser Toy features a fun and interactive design that will capture your cat's attention. The nine 12" strings attached to an 18" bamboo stick create a mesmerizing dance, enticing your cat to chase and swat. The wool material is not only soft and durable but also doubles as a teeth cleaner and claw scratcher. The rough edges of the wool fibers help remove plaque from your cat's teeth, promoting better oral hygiene. Plus, the act of playing with the toy keeps their claws clean and healthy.

When it comes to the materials, we pride ourselves on using a special blend of Himalayan and New Zealand wools. This combination is rich in lanolin, a substance that naturally attracts pets and has a mild catnip-like effect. Your cat will be hooked from the moment they lay their eyes on this toy!

At Dharma Dog Karma Cat, we prioritize your pet's safety above all else. That's why our toys are made using safe, non-toxic dyes and contain no synthetic microfibers that could be harmful if ingested. You can have peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is playing with a high-quality, pet-safe product.

  • Made with durable wool to withstand hours of play
  • Helps clean your cat's teeth and keep claws healthy

Give your cat the gift of endless entertainment with the Dharma Dog Karma Cat Mouse Teaser Cat Toy. Order yours today and watch as your feline companion pounces into action!