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Delta Tule

Delta Tule - Rosemary & Orange Shampoo Bar

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Introducing the Delta Tule Rosemary & Orange Shampoo Bar - a solid shampoo designed for those with normal hair seeking a zero-waste, eco-friendly alternative. With its calming and invigorating blend of rosemary, lavender, and orange essential oils, this shampoo bar will leave your hair feeling refreshed and revitalized.

What sets the Delta Tule Shampoo Bar apart is its soap-free formula and naturally derived ingredients. You can have peace of mind knowing that this shampoo bar is free from parabens, phthalates, and silicone. It's also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, made with love and care for the environment.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Delta Tule Rosemary & Orange Shampoo Bar:

  • Sustainable and Plastic-Free: Join the zero-waste movement and reduce your environmental footprint with this shampoo bar. Say goodbye to plastic bottles and hello to a more sustainable hair care routine.
  • Long-Lasting: With approximately 50 washes, this shampoo bar offers excellent value for money. It's the perfect travel companion, saving space in your toiletry bag and ensuring you never run out of shampoo on your adventures.

The Delta Tule Rosemary & Orange Shampoo Bar is crafted with a unique blend of high-quality ingredients, including cocoa butter, oat protein, and pro-vitamin B5. These nourishing elements work together to cleanse, moisturize, and promote healthy hair.

To use, simply rub the bar directly onto wet hair, massage to create a luxurious lather, and rinse thoroughly. Experience the joy of a plastic-free, spa-like showering experience with the Delta Tule Rosemary & Orange Shampoo Bar.

Proudly made in the USA, in Lathrop, CA, this shampoo bar embodies the spirit of sustainable living and natural beauty. Make a positive impact on your hair and the environment with Delta Tule.