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Creations by Kristel

Creations by Kristel - Peacock Pearl Morse Code "MOM" Gold Filled Necklace - 18" Length

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Introducing the Creations by Kristel Peacock Pearl Morse Code "MOM" Gold Filled Necklace, a stunning piece that encapsulates the essence of elegance and sentimentality. Handcrafted with care in California, this necklace is a heartfelt reminder of a mother's love.

The centerpiece of this necklace is the freshwater-cultured peacock pearl Morse code arrangement that spells out "MOM". Each delicate pearl is meticulously hand-strung in a Morse code pattern, creating a unique and meaningful message for you or your loved one. The Morse code "MOM" signifies the unconditional love, sacrifice, and strength of a mother, making this necklace a perfect gift for every mom.

This necklace features a beautiful 14k gold-filled cable chain, measuring 18 inches in length. The gold-filled material adds a touch of luxury and durability, ensuring that this necklace retains its beauty for years to come. The closure is secured with a convenient spring-ring clasp, providing easy wearability without compromising on style.

Creations by Kristel prides itself on creating handmade pieces that are crafted with passion and attention to detail. This necklace is no exception. Each pearl is individually selected for its lustrous and captivating qualities, resulting in a piece that is as unique as the woman who wears it.

  • Seven freshwater-cultured peacock pearls create a Morse code arrangement that spells out "MOM", symbolizing the love and strength of a mother.
  • The 14k gold-filled cable chain measures 18 inches in length, providing a versatile and comfortable fit for everyday wear.

Add a touch of elegance and sentimentality to your jewelry collection or surprise your mom with a gift that conveys your appreciation with the Creations by Kristel Peacock Pearl Morse Code "MOM" Gold Filled Necklace. Order yours today and celebrate the immeasurable bond between mother and child.