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Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks - 32 Colors in a Muslin Bag

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Introducing the Crayon Rocks - 32 Colors in a Muslin Bag, the ultimate coloring tool for young children! With our FULL collection of colors, including ALL the People Pebbles, your little ones will have endless creative possibilities. From vibrant basics to soothing pastels and natural shades, this set of crayons is designed to ignite their imaginations and explore the world of art.

Our crayons are made from all-natural soy wax sourced from USA grown soybeans, ensuring they're safe for your child and the environment. Colored with non-toxic pigment powders, you can rest easy knowing that your little ones are creating their masterpieces with a non-harmful coloring tool. Each crayon is carefully crafted to provide beautifully textured artwork, similar to oil pastels, making every stroke a work of art!

One of the unique features of Crayon Rocks is their shape. Designed to help strengthen the tripod grip muscles in young children, these crayons prepare their fingers and hands for handwriting, giving them an advantage as they develop their fine motor skills. The shape also allows small fingers to apply color in large, wide strokes, encouraging creativity without limitations.

  • 32 vibrant colors for endless creativity
  • All-natural soy wax made from USA grown soybeans

Made in Hestand, KY, our Crayon Rocks - 32 Colors in a Muslin Bag are a perfect addition to any art supply collection. Whether your child is coloring at home, in school, or on the go, these crayons are portable, easy to use, and mess-free. Let your child's imagination run wild as they explore the colorful world of Crayon Rocks!