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Craftmix - Passionfruit Paloma Cocktail Mocktail Drink Mixer Packet

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Tired of unhealthy, overly sugary mixers? We were too! Introducing Craftmix - the ultimate solution for all your cocktail needs. With Craftmix, you can now be your own bartender and enjoy delicious cocktails wherever you go!

Our Passionfruit Paloma Cocktail Mocktail Drink Mixer Packet is the perfect blend of sweet passionfruit and tart grapefruit flavors. It's a match made in cocktail heaven! Each packet is carefully crafted to give you an unforgettable drinking experience.

  • Healthier Ingredients: We understand the importance of making healthier choices. That's why Craftmix is made with all-natural ingredients and is low in sugar and calories. You can enjoy your favorite cocktails guilt-free!
  • Convenience on the Go: Craftmix is designed for people on the move. Whether you're camping, at a festival, or even on an airplane, you can now bring the party with you. Simply add one shot of liquor, two shots of sparkling water, mix in a Craftmix packet, and serve over ice.

Not only are our drink mixers delicious and convenient, but they're also free from gluten, soy, dairy, and cholesterol. Craftmix is vegan-friendly and non-GMO, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our flavorful cocktails.

Made with care in the USA, Craftmix is proudly produced in Los Angeles, CA. We take pride in delivering high-quality products that you can trust.

So why wait? Take control of your cocktail experience with Craftmix. Order our Passionfruit Paloma Cocktail Mocktail Drink Mixer Packet today and elevate your drinking game to a whole new level!