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Chai Five Organics

Chai Five Organics - Organic Darjeeling Tea - 1.3oz

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This heirloom super tea is 100% organic and single-origin, sourced directly from our family farm. This varietal of tea has been used for thousands of years for its natural ability to boost health, improve energy, and help you feel calm yet focused. Research has shown it also supports immunity, chronic disease-prevention, and heart & brain health. It brews a magical infusion that is earthy & floral, and packed with mood-boosting phytonutrients & antioxidants. A favorite daily tea! Delicious hot or cold. Serve over ice with lemon for a refreshing, health-boosting iced tea. Organic. Fair trade, non-GMO.

Makes about 25-30 cups per package

Made in the USA: Monterey, CA