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Aged & Infused

Aged & Infused - Navel Gazer Cocktail Infusion Kit

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Looking to add a unique twist to your Old Fashioneds? Look no further than the Aged & Infused Navel Gazer Cocktail Infusion Kit! This kit is all you need to create a warm and classic cocktail with a tangy orange flavor combined with a delightful blend of mulled spices.

With this DIY cocktail infusion kit, you'll receive a 16 oz glass jar, a custom filtering pour spout, pre-measured ingredients, and an instructional booklet filled with our favorite cocktail recipes. It's so simple to use. Just empty all the ingredients into the jar, fill it with approximately 16 oz of your favorite whiskey or bourbon, seal it tightly, and let it infuse for at least 3 days!

Each Aged & Infused Navel Gazer Cocktail Infusion Kit will provide you with 7-8 incredible cocktails that are sure to impress your guests. And don't worry about the shelf life – it's good for up to a year, and each kit is labeled with a "best by" date. Plus, it should be enjoyed within 30 days of infusion for the best flavor experience.

If you have any dietary restrictions, please note that this kit is packaged in a facility that handles tree nuts, dairy products, and soy.

Not only is this Navel Gazer Cocktail Infusion Kit a delicious addition to your home bar, but it's also a product you can feel good about. It is proudly made in the USA in Chicago, IL.

  • Create unique, flavorful cocktails at home easily and effortlessly
  • Enjoy the warm and classic combination of tangy oranges and mulled spices

Elevate your cocktail game with the Aged & Infused Navel Gazer Cocktail Infusion Kit. Order yours today and get ready to impress your friends and family with your mixology skills!